SnowBoard Types

SnowBoard Types

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A size and shape variance in the boards accommodates people show now how different skill levels like snow conditions and riding styles. Shorter boards are typically considered youth size, designed for use by children, though some varieties of short boards are specifically designed for a special purpose, such as the performance of snowboarding tricks. Such tricks may take place in a snowpark alongside freestyle skiers.

Diagram of a Snowboard and its various elements that affect sizing.

The bottom or ’base’ of the snowboard is generally made of UHMW. (and is surrounded by a thin strip of steel, known as the ’edge’. Artwork was primarily printed on PBT using a sublimation process in the 1990s, but poor color retention and fade after moderate use moved high-end producers to longer-lasting materials.
Snowboards come in several different styles, depending on the type of riding intended: